Caring for you and nature, with commitment and responsibility


How does cotton care for your health?

What are the characteristics that are so beneficial to health?

Breathable: it maintains the correct flow, allowing your skin to breathe healthily and freshly throughout the day via its soft fibres.

Guarantees an optimal level of humidity: unlike synthetic, superabsorbent fibres that can dry out mucosa, or plastic that can generate an optimal microclimate for bacteria, fungus...

Compatible with the physiological pH: does not alter the acidity of the vaginal mucosa (our natural protective barrier).

Soft: delicate feel and pleasant on your most sensitive areas of skin.

Hypoallergenic, dermatologically tested

Gynaecologists, midwives and obstetricians recommend the use of cotton in intimate feminine hygiene and, in particular, for sensitive, atopic skins or those that suffer allergies.

Furthermore, SilverCare, unlike other brands:

Uses: cotton purified without chlorine or dioxins (chemicals that can be used to whiten other substances such as cellulose, rayon and viscose).

Does not use: artificial products to perfume or mask scent, helping to prevent potential irritation or allergies due to friction or direct contact.

How does organic cotton care for our planet?

There are different types of cottons,
but only organic cotton:
  • Strengthens the soil with crop rotation (as opposed to monoculture).
  • Retains water more efficiently thanks to the use of organic matter in the soil (instead of requiring intensive irrigation).
  • Maintains a balance between pests and their natural predators via healthy soil (there is no need to use insecticides, highly toxic pesticides or contaminating sprays).
  • Physically removes weeds and controls them manually (no need to apply herbicides).
  • Capitalises on seasonal freezing for defoliation. It can be stimulated with water management (to avoid defoliation using harmful chemical).
  • Does not artificially treat seeds (instead of doing so with fungicides or insecticides and/or modifying them genetically).
SilverCare, unlike other brands,
only uses Certified Organic Cotton

GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certified entity. www.global-standard.org/

Pure Cotton Certified by Cotton Inc. www.cottoninc.com


By using cotton you are directly helping to prevent deforestation. The majority of feminine hygiene products are made using cellulose, which comes from wood.


Committed and responsible

Protection of workers

Starting with farmers, all workers are guaranteed:

  • A minimum living wage
  • Working hours that are not excessive
  • No discrimination of any kind
  • Right to join a partnership and to collective representation

0% child or forced labour

Throughout the cultivation and production chain we do not employ child labour. In addition, of course, all kinds of forced labour and violent or inhumane treatment are prohibited, guaranteeing safe, hygienic working conditions.


Manufacturing process

From the moment raw materials are received in their natural state (cotton balls), all materials are processed with machinery developed internally and patented for the manufacture of these exclusive products, without competition.

Pioneers in Spain in R&D to achieve unique products that are a reference point in terms of innovation and quality on a global level.

Renowned for this internationally:

Best Organic Product (BIO) 2015, France
Total quality

logo pyme innovadora

The quality of our products is our priority in order to turn us into a unique company.

FDA 21 CFR 820 QSR Quality System Regulation of the US FDA (Food and Drug Administration). Registered with the USFDA – Food and Drug Administration, USA

Certificación ISO 9001:2008
All of our products have been dermatologically tested as hypoallergenic ‘non-irritants’ by independent external laboratories.

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