Did you know that there is rubbish that takes thousands of years to disappear?

In our everyday lives we fail to address daily gestures that will affect the planet… for thousands of years!

One of these is rubbish.

It is estimated that the world population sits at around 7 billion inhabitants, and each person generates 1 kg of waste every 24 hours, in other words:

More than 6,500 tons of rubbish in just one day.


The importance of what you use

Degradation times for different products

2 years cigarette butts
5 years chewing gum
10 years aluminium cans (liquids and food)
30 years tetra brik packaging

100 to 1000 years plastic items

Within the plastics group there are different levels of decomposition based on composition (PET [polyethylene terephthalate], HDPE [high-density polyethylene], PVC [polyvinyl chloride], PS [polystyrene], LDPE [low-density polyethylene), PP [polypropylene]...).

This category includes:

  • Tampon and pad packaging containers
  • Waterproof sheets from panty liners and pads
  • Plastic applicators of tampons

More than 1000 years glass (packaging and bottles)
Comprised of sand, sodium carbonate and calcium carbonate, it is 100% recyclable in infinite cycles.

77% biodegradables

Our SilverCare products are more than 77% biodegradable* and 77% compostable*.

All of our intimate feminine hygiene products (from panty liners to tampons) are made using 100% organic cotton.

The waterproof layer and individual packaging of our pads and panty liners are made using biodegradable materials that come from corn (biopolymer material).

We reject the use of:

  • Harmful, non-degradable plastics.
  • Superabsorbents that are potentially dehydrating to the skin.
  • Purification with chlorine or dioxins.

Do you know...

We care about you, our planet and everyone

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