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We care for you and your health

How can organic cotton help prevent irritation and allergies?

Hypoallergenic and dermatologically tested by independent laboratories

Gynaecologists, midwives and obstetricians recommend the use of cotton in intimate feminine hygiene and, in particular, for more sensitive, atopic skins and those that suffer allergies.

Furthermore, as it is compatible with the physiological pH, it does not alter the acidity of the vaginal mucosa (our natural protective barrier).

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Breathable to maintain the perfect balance between heat and humidity

Unlike synthetic superabsorbent fibres that can dry out mucosa, or plastic that generates an optimal microclimate for bacteria, fungus...

Cotton maintains the correct flow, allowing your skin to breathe and remain fresh all day.

Do you suffer discomfort? Could it be dermatitis?
algodon ecologico
Free from perfumes and other chemical substances currently under suspicion

Our cotton is purified without chlorine or dioxins (chemicals used to whiten other substances, such as cellulose, rayon or viscose).

We don’t use artificial products to perfume or mask scent either, avoiding potential irritation or allergies due to friction or direct contact.

Some tampons feel uncomfortable. Do you know why?


We care for the planet today, for tomorrow

How does organic cotton protect nature?

We save the forests and jungles around the world

Organic cotton is a crop with an annual cycle that is fully respectful of the environment, present and future.

The majority of conventional hygiene products are made with cellulose, which comes from wood. For its mass production millions of hectares of trees are felled and to process it vital resources, such as water and energy, are wasted.

Do you know how long it takes a forest to grow?
Free from any remains of pesticides and synthetic fertilisers

In cultivation of another type of cotton, toxic chemicals are used to control pests and weeds. These products contaminate soils and, what’s worse, the aquifers on which human, animal and plant life depends.

Organic cotton, by protecting water and soil, in addition to the thousand-year-old practice of leaving land fallow, generates more oxygen and preserves the ozone layer.

Do you know what type of fertiliser exacerbates the greenhouse effect?
Biodegradable and compostable to avoid generating eternal waste

Beyond safeguarding our planet today, our commitment is to improve it for the future.

To do so, we must avoid leaving toxic waste or rubbish that outlives us, in many cases, by thousands of years.

We support R&D to launch products that are more than 77% biodegradable and compostable.

Can your hygiene products say the same?

Did you know that there is rubbish that takes thousands of years to disappear?


Caring for everyone around the world

How do our products improve individual and social life?

DERECHOS_HUMANOS_DERECHOS_TRABAJADOR_SILVER_CARE_lucha_contra_explotacion_laboral_trabajo_infantil_ forzado
Protection of workers

Starting with farmers, all workers are guaranteed:

  • A minimum living wage
  • Working hours that are not excessive
  • No discrimination of any kind
  • Right to join a partnership and to collective representation
Do you know how many workers there are in the world and how much they earn on average?
0% child and forced labour

Throughout the cultivation and production chain we do not employ child labour.

In addition, of course, all kinds of forced labour and violent or inhumane treatment are prohibited, guaranteeing safe, hygienic working conditions.

Do you know how many child workers there are in the world?
formacion trabajadores
For a better future for all

In order to obtain ICEA and GOTS certification, farmers and manufacturers receive training and are guided to join partnerships, therefore achieving better access to markets, ensuring they are less vulnerable to price fluctuations, and allowing them to access more secure, regular payments.

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