Do you know what type of fertiliser exacerbates the greenhouse effect?

Organic cotton

In its cultivation, 100% natural fertilisers (manure) are used in conjunction with the thousand-year-old technique of leaving land fallow (leaving plant matter in the soil), achieving more fertile, hydrated soils that absorb more carbon dioxide emissions.

It protects the ozone layer.

Furthermore, by rotating crops, the economies of small farmers are less vulnerable to the weather, poor harvests or “market whims”.

Conventional cotton

In its production, synthetic fertilisers based on nitrogen are used.

Nitrous oxide has a greenhouse effect that is 300 times more powerful than carbon dioxide.

Furthermore, in addition to pesticides, it contaminates water reserves, causing serious health problems in humans, animals and other plants.

Conventional cotton uses 10% of the world’s insecticides.

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