Some tampons feel uncomfortable, do you know why?

Many women often suffer discomfort when using tampons, especially when removing them.

This could be down to 3 causes:

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Their composition

The material that is used in many tampons is viscose or rayon…

Gynaecologists recommend the use of Pure Cotton in underwear and especially in intimate hygiene products (those in direct contact with your most sensitive, delicate skin).

Tampons that do not have a special safety cover

Many tampons found on the market do not have a safety cover, meaning their fibres, which are often synthetic, are in direct contact with the vaginal mucosa and this may hinder their extraction when you try to remove them.

This safety cover or layer helps to reduce the risk of a tampon becoming stuck to the vaginal walls and/or leaving remains when removed.

Products with superior absorption

Women choose products with absorption superior to what is required.

Bear in mind that absorption needs vary depending on the day of menstruation (generally from more to less).

Recommendations suggest using the lowest degree of absorption in accordance with your flow.

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